18-year-old sentenced to 45 years for rape he committed when he was 15


Schyler Hill was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

Prosecutors say Hill raped the woman in her home and threatened to kill her. But Hill's attorney, Eric Davis, believes his client's case was treated differently than most first-offender cases.

"The Acres Homes serial killer was offered 50 years on a case as a plea bargain deal and you have a first-time offender who doesn't. It strikes in me that we value victims differently," Davis said.

"Even though the crime's against us, it's truly heartbreaking to see a young person throw their lives away. Nobody wants to see this. But again, he brought this battle, we didn't. He chose this battle," said the rape victim's husband.

In court Wednesday, the judge called the rape a nightmare for every husband, father, wife, mother, brother and sister.

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