Wounded boy's parents want action


The boy's parents are struggling to understand who would be so reckless to put a bullet into the head of a four-year-old. Since police say they think they know who did, the family us asking why he hasn't yet been arrested.

Leaning on his pastor for support, Gregory Nicholas struggles with feelings of vengeance, a desire to take the law into his own hands after someone shot his four-year-old son Isaiah in the head.

"It pisses me off. I just want him caught," Nicholas said. "Justice. I just want him caught and I want my son back."

Isaiah is on life support at Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital. His mother and father say it's unclear what will happen when doctors remove a breathing tube, which they may do in the next day or so.

Isaiah was among six children inside a northeast Houston house Saturday when someone riddled it with gunfire. Isaiah's mother says the shooter is the boyfriend of one of her friends, and that the couple had been arguing before he turned the gun on the house where the children were playing inside.

"Obviously he's very dangerous," said, Isaiah's mother, Rosharon Ceasar. "We just want justice for Isaiah. "This was stupidity. It don't make no sense that he's four years old and is in the hospital with a bullet hole in his head for no reason."

Police have not publicly identified the shooter or released a picture. They tell us they're afraid he might disappear if they do. That's troubling for this mother and father, forced to sit bedside and watch their son struggle for his life.

"If his photo would get posted, I think he'd be caught," Nicholas said. "I don't want him to die in vain. I don't want him to be in pain in vain. He didn't do nothing wrong."

Isaiah Nicholas is in critical condition. If you have information on the person who shot him, you can call Houston police or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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