Beaumont courthouse remains closed after deadly shooting

March 15, 2012 2:36:22 PM PDT
The man accused of opening fire at the Jefferson County courthouse is being held on a very high bond. And while he sits in prison, his daughter, whom he's accused of shooting and running over, remains in critical condition.

People are telling us that downtown Beaumont seemed eerily quiet on Thursday, and the courthouse remains closed as police continue investigating that tragic shooting.

Outside the Jefferson County courthouse on Thursday, you could see crews in white suits hard at work cleaning up the blood left behind after Wednesday's deadly shooting.

"Senseless, senseless act of violence," said Officer Carol Riley with the Beaumont Police Department.

As police continue the investigation into the tragedy, we're learning the accused gunman, Bartholomew Granger, is now being held on a $4 million bond.

Police say Granger killed 79-year-old Minnie Ray Seabolt, of Deweyville, right in front of the courthouse doors. They say he shot three other women in the parking lot, including his own daughter, Samantha Jackson.

"We are, you know, minute by minute, waiting for any type of update we can get on her. You know, it's all in God's hands as far as her condition," Riley said.

Police say 20-year-old Jackson was a witness in a sexual assault of a child case against Granger.

Sources close to the investigation say it appears Granger shot his daughter in the chest then ran over her from behind with his truck.

"She made it through surgery last night, and survived the night, but it's just kind of a waiting game to see how she does now," Riley said.

Eyewitness News also learned the sexual assault allegations, for which Granger is being tried, were first reported to Houston police back in 2009. That's when a woman claimed Granger and his brother Lyndon, who we watched Jefferson County deputies arrest during a news conference in Houston Wednesday night, and a third brother allegedly assaulted her daughter.

HPD and the sheriff's office forwarded the case to Beaumont, where the alleged incidents happened. Now the case is pending due to the tragic shooting.

As for Granger's brother Lyndon, he remains in Jefferson County Jail.

County leaders are still deciding whether to open the courthouse for business on Friday.