Twin-engine plane crash lands on Warner Elementary School property

February 24, 2012 5:45:12 PM PST
The pilot of a small, twin-engine plane is recovering after crash-landing his plane Thursday night behind an elementary school in Cypress. The plane was buried nose-first into the fence where it stopped as investigators tried to figure out exactly what went wrong.

The plane was finally removed Friday evening after it had been sitting all day between the back of the school and a row of homes. The crash was the big buzz in the community all day Friday as the FAA investigated.

As children gathered for recess outside Warner Elementary School, just steps away from their playground, you could see a broken wheel and a damaged plane in the school's backyard -- just a reminder of the chaotic crash that happened there.

"I'm just amazed that it just took out a fence. Amazed. I'm so glad," said parent Pam Ferguson.

"We're lucky nobody got hurt," said Cypress resident Joe DeCastro. "Lucky he didn't hit the post or the basketball court, and the playground area."

Parents seeing this mess say they're just glad the crash wasn't worse. Eyewitness News has learned the pilot of this Beechcraft Baron 58 was James Pace Boler of Mississippi. The FAA tells us Boler reported he was forced to make an emergency landing after both engines stopped.

"Well, my son and daughter saw it because they were leaving the middle school," Ferguson said.

Investigators say Boler was traveling from Vicksburg, Mississippi to pick up a passenger at West Houston Airport when the twin engine plane began having trouble. Troopers say the pilot tried landing in a nearby baseball field, but noticed children were there.

"My son was headed to the baseball game, so I'm glad they missed all that," said Ferguson.

She says her kids saw the plane having problems and it didn't look good.

"My son realized it was real low, and then my daughter yelled, because he was driving, but she yelled it crashed," Ferguson said.

You can see the plane wiped out a homeowner's fence. A neighbor helped Boler out of the aircraft cabin and police tell us the pilot's injuries aren't serious.

On the way to school today, kids were curious to finally see on campus what they heard the night before.

"We just heard something loud and I just ignored it and after a while, I just saw all these people outside," said Warner student Mark Albino.

The plane also came close to power lines in the area.

School district police have blocked off the area so no one gets hurt.

We have tried contacting the pilot, but so far there's no update on his condition.