Man accused of trying to steal ATM from Texas Medical Center building

Anthony Hampton, 25, has been charged with ATM theft.

February 15, 2012 11:00:35 AM PST
A man is accused of trying to steal an ATM machine loaded with tens of thousands of dollars in cash from a Texas Medical Center area building.

Anthony Hampton, 25, has been charged with automated teller machine theft. Court documents state on January 19 TMC Security observed a group of suspects dressed in black attempting to steal an ATM from a parking garage in the 1700 block of Colonnade. Security personnel and police responded to the scene and an officer says he observed four black men running in the garage near where the ATM had been abandoned.

Police say two of the suspects jumped a fence into an apartment complex, where a security guard found them hiding in shrubbery. Hampton was apprehended at that point by police, while the other suspect escaped.

According to court documents, the officer who took Hampton into custody described him as wearing black Adidas shoes with white stripes, and police say those shoes and the clothing he was wearing when booked into jail match that of a suspect seen in surveillance video.

The bank says on the night of the theft, the ATM was loaded with $60,000 in cash.

Bond has been set at $15,000.

Hampton has multiple prior convictions. He was convicted of two counts of burglary of a building and one count of criminal mischief in 2008, as well as burglary and drugs in 2010.