Dense fog causes problems for morning commute

File image: Fog in Houston

February 14, 2012 10:26:54 AM PST
Commuter anxiety was heightened Tuesday morning as drivers could hardly see the roads because of fog.

When I drove into work at about 3am, you could barely see a few feet in front of you. Visibility was extremely low, and there were some minor accidents on area freeways. It is not clear whether the thick fog caused the accidents, but drivers we talked to say they wouldn't be surprised.

"It's really hard to see," said driver Quoc Nguyen. "This is kind of unusual, so at least from where I'm coming from, and I'm coming from Cypress."

"It was right around the Beltway and 290 area, which was kind of thick this morning," added driver Max Broxtine. "Driving a little slower than normal, being cautious of the other driver to not get hit."

By late morning, the fog did lift. And at the Ship Channel, all activity has resumed. There is another change in the weather coming. Storms are in the forecast for tomorrow.