Thieves steal hair extensions worth $15,000

February 9, 2012 2:48:00 PM PST
A Fort Bend County salon owner says she's lost thousands of dollars after burglars broke into her shop over the past few weeks. But they weren't after the cash or high-end styling equipment.

The thieves were after real human hair extensions. The owner of the salon says they ripped off over $15,000 worth.

The thieves pried open the Touch of Class' back door, which leads to a vacant store right next to the salon.

"I was so angry. We were all angry," the salon's owner, Victoria Akrofi-Mensah, said.

Once inside, crooks cut right through the drywall at the salon. The hole is big enough for two adults to enter and exit.

"You know when I came in, I even cried," Akrofi-Mensah said.

Owner Akrofi-Mensah cried, she says, after seeing how the theives then broke into this special room, where she kept all the hair extensions locked up. The room was ransacked. The walls were bare. Most of it was gone in minutes.

"It was headache. It was like, my money is gone. Where do I need to start from?" Akrofi-Mensah said.

That was January 16. It's the second time someone ripped off her business. The first time was Christmas Eve; same point of entry, ame thing stolen. She had an alarm this time, but only one motion detector. And she says the crooks crawled below it.

"This is the most expensive hair," Akrofi-Mensah said.

The hair is not cheap. Some packs cost as much as $150. But Akrofi-Mensah says her customers demand the quality -- real human hair of varying lengths that won't shed. Her business has been up and running for less than a year and she struggles with having to replace what was stolen.

Surveillance cameras recorded the theft. She is hoping that video will help detectives find those resonsible.

Authorities say they're seeing more and more of this type of theft.

The suspects are described only vaguely as a man and a woman who were last seen driving a white Chevy Tahoe.

Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to arests in this case. If you can help, you can call them at 281-342-TIPS.