Woman scares burglars away with dad's childhood rifle

A Huffman-area woman says she scared off house burglars with her dad's childhood .22 caliber rifle.

February 8, 2012 8:09:31 PM PST
A Huffman-area woman says she and her son endured a terrifying ordeal Wednesday after two burglars tried to break into her northeast Harris County home.

The woman says she was home with her 10-year-old son when two men broke into their home and tried to steal several items. The woman hid her son in a closet and grabbed her dad's childhood .22 caliber rifle.

"He was trying to figure out how to take the TV off of the wall. There was another guy that kinda yelled at him, 'Hey she has a gun' and he panicked, the other guy panicked and as he was running, I kinda panicked too and shot at him," the woman said.

No one was hit by the bullet. The woman and her son hid until officers arrived.

Investigators have not found the burglars.