Man dragged by car while trying to escape gunfire

February 10, 2012 9:54:13 AM PST
Neighbors in northeast Houston are speaking out after a man taking cover from gunfire was dragged by a car. The victim was seriously injured. Many neighbors, who asked not to be identified, say they feel like prisoners in their own homes. They say it was only a matter of time something like this would happen.

The latest violence happened around 2:45am Tuesday in the 2100 block of Brewster near Liberty.

One concerned neighbor said, "I heard maybe 20 or more (gunshots)."

Another recalled, "Anywhere from 50 to 60 gunshots."

Neighbors describe it as the usual sound on Tuesday night.

"It's every Tuesday night," she said.

And into Wednesday morning at the corner of Brewster and Noble Street, there was a loud street party.

"They been lined up and down the street," a witness said.

Then the air was shattered with the sound of bullets flying out of the barrells of at least two gunmen.

A few weeks ago a bullet hit one man's house. And this morning a bullet cracked another neighbor's car window, then went through her home.

"The bullet came through the window right there," she said.

The resident said the bullet came right through her front window. Her daughter had just ducked down, and the bullet went through the daughter's bedroom door.

While the neighbor's daughter was not hurt, a man standing outside at the time of the street party was. Police say in an effort to dodge bullets, the victim crouched down in front of a BMW his friend was driving, but was unintentionally dragged by the car when his friend drove off, trying to get away from the shooting.

A neighbor told Eyewitness News, "They ... do their postings on Facebook that they going to have a fight."

Neighbors say they routinely call police about the parties and shootings at this corner, and that are growing increasingly more dangerous each week. Now that a horrible accident has left one man seriously injured, neighbors fear it could be even worse for an innocent resident.

"It's just a matter of when somebody is going to get killed and it's going to be somebody, I suspect, that's in their house," the resident said.

Police say the shooting in the street was the result of another shooting at a club in the Third Ward.

The victim who was dragged is hospitalized in serious condition. We're told he's suffering from road rash, tissue damage and broken bones. Police are still looking for the friend who was behind the wheel. He reportedly fled the scene on foot.

Residents hope the accident will be a wakeup call, bringing an end to the shootings and the partying on the corner.

Police are still looking for the driver who fled on foot after stopping the car.