Luxury, custom rides at Houston Auto Show

January 26, 2012 1:04:45 PM PST
If you are thinking about buying a car, no need to head out to several dealerships to find the best deal. That's because all the car makers in the country will have their vehicles on display in one place -- the Houston Auto Show.

From trucks to small cars and even the highest end luxury cars imaginable, you'll be able to see it this week at the Houston Auto Show.

They are rolling out the carpet. And rolling in the cars at Reliant Center as car makers get ready to sell Houston on their latest and greatest models.

Ford has brought its 2013 Fusion, which promises to save on gas.

If money is no problem, check out this. For the first time an entire section of the car show is set aside for fat wallets and big dreams.

"We will have cars from Maserati, Lotus, Ferrari, Lamborghini," said Lisa Bustamante with the Houston Auto Show.

The luxury corner does not disappoint, but if you are in he market for one of these cars, get ready to shell out big bucks -- some of the vehicles cost more than $400,000.

If customized rides are your thing, this year the auto show has something for you. It's worth a stop to the dub show which features a Houston Dodge Charger that has more TV sets than pistons.

Owner Manuel Leos understands the appeal of tricking out a ride.

"The stuff you can do, the crazy stuff from the doors to everything else, it's like a transformer," said Leos.

But you don't have to be in the market for a wild ride to enjoy the show. In fact, there are some very practical reasons car buyers have for coming here this week.

"There will be 37 manufacturers at the Houston Auto Show so you will be able to see them all under one roof," Bustamante said.

She says the fun does not stop with simply kicking the tires.

"We have twice the amounts of rides and drives, so people can go out in the parking lot and test out the cars," Bustamante told us.

The show runs from Wednesday to Sunday, and there is even a kids zone here, so your kids will have something to do. The cost is $10 to get in and $10 for parking.