Texans playoff tickets still available - for a price

File photo: Texans playoff tickets

January 6, 2012 4:20:52 PM PST
The Texans first-ever playoff game is less than 24 hours away and there are still tickets up for grabs. But you have to buy them on the secondary market and that could cost you a pretty penny.

We are well beyond the face value, but as it turns out prices have come down a bit from the highest prices, but ticket to the playoff game will certainly not be cheap.

With the Texans first playoff game just a day away, ticket brokers are still getting calls from fans hoping to score seats.

Kayla Ramsey with Houston Ticket Store said, "I think that everyone is starting to watch the prices. It is starting to go back up now and I think that everyone will be getting anxious real soon and in the morning."

Ramsey says there are still more than 3,000 game day tickets on the secondary market and as always, the cost for a seat depends on where you want to sit.

She explained, "Anywhere upstairs in the upper end zones, in the 700 to 600 sections are running $150 to $200. Anywhere in the yard lines, anywhere upstairs are $250, to all the way down here at $1,000."

Ramsey says her office will open on Saturday and expects to see ticket buyers right up until kickoff.

You can also find plenty of tickets on sale online. Will Flaherty with SeatGeek.com says his site combs 60 different ticket selling web pages and displays the section and price for each available seat. The seating chart even points you to the best value.

He explained, "If it is a large green dot, that means it is a really good deal compared to other tickets in that section or in the stadium. If it is a small red dot, it is a bad deal. It is going to be way more expensive than you should be paying."

The lowest price ticket on the site is $88 for a seat in the upper level.

"You can get into this Saturday's game for $88, which is a pretty good deal," Flaherty said. "There are probably a dozen listings here at or around $100."

The guys at Seat Geek have been tracking the sales price of Texan playoff tickets since the team clinched the playoff spot. The average price spiked on December 19, peaking at just above $400, then started falling as the team lost its last three games and now the average is under $250.

It is possible that prices may plummet the closer we get to game time. If sellers start getting nervous they could drop the price. And remember, ticket brokers are open until even after kickoff.