Boy, 4, saves grandfather's life


It started as a guy's day between grandfather and grandson while mom and dad tried to get in some holiday shopping. But a near disaster turned into a holiday present the Jones family says they will never forget and always cherish.

It's a cozy night for Kanden and his Paw-Paw, Carl Jones; a far cry from what they experienced on Saturday. Carl Jones was near death, and with no one around, it was up to Kanden to do something.

At four years old, Kanden doesn't know his own telephone number, but knew how to work an iPhone.

"I called that button, but it wasn't working so I called that button," Kanden said. "I pressed the camera button"

Whether he knew it or not, Kanden was recording a video. On it, you could see Kanden as he was running through the woods. You could hear Kanden whimpering and you can see Carl Jones lying on the ground

"I was just running back and forth. I wasn't afraid of nothing," said Kanden. "I was crying cause I wanted my parents."

Kanden and his grandfather were on a massive deer lease in Liberty County. A picture was taken earlier in the day inside the deer stand. They'd gotten there at 6am and by 10 in the morning were ready for lunch. That's when Carl realized he was woozy.

"My diabetes, my sugar got too low and I knew it was starting to get low. That's why we was going back to camp," said Carl.

They never made it, Carl passed out and Kanden couldn't wake him up.

Kanden had inadvertently redialed his parent's phone number already logged into the iPhone and told his father Paw-Paw was sleeping.

"I said, 'He's asleep?' He said, 'Yeah.' And he kept yelling to my dad, 'Hey Paw-Paw, Daddy wants to talk to you, Daddy wants to talk to you.' And I knew because of my dad's diabetes that something was wrong," said Jarret Jones.

Kanden's parents and other family members drove immediately to the deer lease. On foot and hollering, it took a frantic two hours before they found Kanden.

"I said, 'Bubba if you hear us, you have to holler back and let Mommy know.' Two seconds later he says, 'Momma, I'm right here,'" said Tiffany Jones.

Carl was found lying on the ground a few feet away.

"I think somebody, I just really think it wasn't my time to go. I think the good Lord was telling me, Carl you need to wake up," he said.

The Jones family also called the police and called for an ambulance. Carl Jones was taken to a nearby hospital and treated. Now the whole family is together and eager to celebrate what they say is their biggest gift ever -- a family that's intact.

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