High school principal arrested for assault


Instead of a letter from the teacher to take home Monday, Sterling High students took home a letter about their principal. It states that Sterling High Principal Leviticus Williams was placed on administrative leave because of a 'personnel matter.'

What the letter doesn't describe is the matter itself. On September 21, Williams, 42, was arrested for a misdemeanor charge of assault against a family member, specifically a woman he dated, according to probable cause documents. Williams is accused of hitting her on the head with a bottle.

A lot of students said they heard rumors throughout the day Monday. Some parents had a measured response.

"Don't think of somebody as bad from what you hear. Let the facts come out and be proven before you form your opinion," said parent Crystal Holmes.

"We weren't there, you know, so we have to let the courts take the proper (route)," said parent Dante Thomas.

Williams is now free on $2,500 bond. It is a misdemeanor but could be considered a crime of moral turpitude for the district.

He remains on administrative leave with pay until HISD reviews his file.

According to the letter, Sam Dominguez, the current assistant principal, will serve as principal in charge.

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