Lady Gaga-like hair bows on the cheap


But this accessory is pretty pricey at kids' boutiques so we went out shopping to find a great deal. We found the bows at boutiques were shockingly pricey, so we headed to one of the best and cheapest places to find hair accessories -- Harwin in southwest Houston.

With more than 300 shops on a two-mile stretch, the Harwin shopping area can be an overwhelming place to visit, so we did the work for you and found three places that carry a big assortment of bows for a great price.

To get an idea of how much money you can save by shopping on Harwin, we picked up three bows at a children's boutique in Rice Village for $25! But one pack of a dozen bows found at a Harwin store costs just $8.

Patti Mishler stopped paying boutique prices when shefound the Harwin shop called Bow World located in the 8700 block of Harwin. The store sells mostly bows in all different sizes and colors imaginable.

Big bow headbands are $4.99, large bows are $3.99 each, medium size bows are $2.99 and smaller bows are $1.99.

There are some specialty bows for cheerleaders that cost $2.99, and the store also has a huge selection of bows designed in the shape ballet slippers, rainbows and lobsters, just to name a few. The price for those bows is $3.99.

Mishler was surprised at the prices especially after she spent $25 on one bow!

"So there's the price, a $1.25 compared to the $25that I just spent at the Galleria," she said.

At Bow World, the more you buy the better the bargain and you can mix and match. Across from Bow World is a store called Simply Fashion; in order to compete for shoppers, the owner has a wall dedicated to just bows. Bows start at just a dollar each and go up to $10 for the specialty bows.

"I got three bows and I paid $3.25 so we got an excellent deal," shopper Michelle Cloud said.

Our final stop was at SW Trading; there we found the best prices on bows but the store only sells their bows by the dozen. But get this: a pack of 12 big bows in different colors is just $8 -- that makes each bow just 67 cents each.

"It's probably one of the cheapest places I have found them so far and the cutest bows," shopper Megan Shaw said.

The store also carries two-tone, specialty bows that start at $12 for a dozen.


Store locations:

Bow World
9700 Harwin Dr. Ste 121
Houston, TX 77036
(713) 975-0888

SW Trading Accessory Plaza
8000 Harwin Dr # 410
Houston, TX 77036
(713) 975-6714

Simply Fashion
9700 Harwin Dr # 153

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