Family escapes burning home in NW Houston

HOUSTON Firefighters had a tough task as they worked to put out the massive fire that spread quickly through the family's home on Vinewood Drive near Alabsonson in northwest Houston just after 6am.

"What woke me up was the boom that I heard," said one neighbor.

That noise was followed by roaring flames.

"The flames were so high. The truck was parked right by the garage and that is when the house caught fire," said neighbor Webster Bossett.

Stacy Arguelles says she ran outside and saw flames quickly spreading to the house. But she found an even bigger problem -- her neighbors. A family of seven, including four small children was still inside asleep.

"(I was) ringing on the doorbell, just beating on the door, yelling and trying to get them out," she said.

Arguelles says with small explosions coming from the pickup, she kept knocking and yelling until a six-year-old woke everyone up.

"She started saying, 'Someone is yelling fire, fire,'" said Arguelles.

With the house crumbling, most of the family was able to get out. That's when they discovered the four-year-old twins were missing.

"The other kids were inside, upstairs," said another neighbor.

"The uncle went in and got the kids and got out," said Arguelles.

Neighbors say they are grateful no one was hurt. The family tells Eyewitness News it has now turned its focus to the pickup truck they believe is responsible for the devastation.

Right now, the family is staying with neighbors. The owner of the pickup truck believes the fire is related to a recall on the truck, however arson investigators are still looking into whether or not the fire actually started in the truck.

Meanwhile, neighbors plan to hold a benefit for the family this Saturday from 12pm to 2pm on Vinewood. They hope to raise money to help the family get back on their feet.

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