Authorities arrest car chase suspect

February 23, 2011 7:31:00 PM PST
A man who led authorities on a chase in northwest Harris County on Wednesday was finally arrested after he lost control and crashed into a tree. DPS told us several children were put at risk, and a trooper had to fire his weapon to protect himself from the driver.

SkyEye HD caught the high-speed chase 20 minutes after it began. A state trooper tried to pull over the driver for a traffic violation, but the driver took off. The troopers said the driver shot through a parking lot full of elementary school kids before getting stuck in traffic. The trooper then got out of his car and pulled his side arm.

"At that point the suspect backed up in attempting to run over the trooper. The trooper shot three shots in the back left tire of the vehicle," said Trooper John Sampa with the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Despite the flat tire and smashed front end, the Honda Accord took off again. At least 24 law enforcement officers chased him around northwest Harris County.

The Accord pulled into a Walmart parking lot and almost nailed Pamela Menard.

"He was going so fast that I'm telling you, if I woulda blinked, he woulda took me out," Menard said.

It all ended when the suspect crashed into a tree.

"He complained of plates in his face that he received from a previous car crash that he believed shifted when he hit the tree," Sampa said.

The DPS say the suspect caused two crashes during the chase but no one was hurt. Troopers also don't know why the driver took off in the first place.