Officer shoots dog during confrontation

January 10, 2011 1:19:38 PM PST
A police chase in Baytown turned into a wild scene where an officer was bitten and a family's dog was shot. On Thursday, at about 10:20pm, Baytown police officers tried to stop a motorcyclist who was allegedly seen driving recklessly at a high rate of speed in the 2600 block of North Alexander Drive. When officers attempted to pull the driver of the motorcycle over, he reportedly fled at even a higher rate of speed and led officers to a home in the 500 block of Pearl Street.

The driver of the motorcycle ran off and began trying to force his way into the home. Officers, who didn't know who was in the home, saw the driver push past the homeowner and they continued in their pursuit of the driver in an attempt to protect the residents.

Once inside, police say officers were confronted by the homeowner, who was the suspect's parent. The homeowner allegedly grabbed one of the pursuing officers, who then used force in an effort to try to reach the other officer who was struggling to take the suspect into custody.

At this point, police say the officer struggling with the suspect was attacked and bitten by a large breed dog, believed to be a boxer. The same dog then aggressively charged a second officer. That officer fired his duty weapon one time, striking the dog. The suspect continued to struggle with officers and backup had to be called to get the suspect into custody.

Baytown Animal Services was called to the scene to provide assistance to the injured animal. According to the animal services Officer, the animal owner refused to release the injured animal. Baytown Animal Services attempted to contact local veterinarians but were unsuccessful in finding any who were willing to treat the animal after hours. The dog remained aggressive towards Animal Services personnel, which delayed its release. The owner of the dog released custody of the animal to a neighbor in order to obtain medical attention for the injured animal.

"We regret that in our job the use of force is sometimes necessary," said Baytown Police Chief Keith Dougherty. "In cases like this, the Baytown Police Department understands fully the seriousness of the actions taken by our officers. We are committed to ensure that all of the facts of this case are fully investigated."