Jewelry store owner recalls shooting

HOUSTON On Thursday morning, four robbers walked into Ruby Jewelry in the Galleria area and quickly turned violent.

The store on Sage and Woodway opens at 10am. Quy Tang, the store owner, told Eyewitness News two guys came to his door before then. He turned them away, and when they came back, they had guns and were ready to rob him.

Tang surveyed the damage and empty jewelry cases left behind in his store Thursday evening, a store he wasn't entirely sure he'd live to see beyond Thursday morning.

"They tied me in the back," Tang said.

Tang says around 11am, two men walked in, drew guns and forced him into the back room. They bound his hands with a zip tie then pistol whipped him, bashing his head at least a dozen times. His stitches are a brutal reminder.

Tang said the men were asking for his keys. While the gunmen didn't find them, they found an alarm and pushed the button, which locked everyone inside.

Then they pushed a different button, which alerted police. Authorities arrived in minutes, but a customer beat them there.

Because the door was locked, the customer repeatedly rang the doorbell, and that, says Tang, is what scared the bad guys off.

"I'm worried they'd shoot me. That's why I shot them," Tang said.

While the suspects ran away, Tang fired his own pistol at least five times, but no one was hit.

Police say in all, four suspects are involved -- the two who robbed Tang and the others who posed as lookouts from outside.

"One fled by foot, three fled in a vehicle," Houston Police Sgt B.W. Jordan said.

Authorities caught up to the man who tried to run away, but he's the only one caught so far.

Tang says he's just glad he lived through the horrifying ordeal.

"You can take everything, just don't hurt me," Tang said.

Tang said he's not sure how much merchandise was stolen, but he says it's worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Police are still looking for the three suspects. Right now, the only information police will release is that they may be driving a green Suburban.
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