Teacher accused of beating student talks on GMA

HOUSTON Shari Davis, the teacher seen in the video, has spoken out before, apologizing for what happened that day when she hit student Isaiah Reagins at Jamie's House Charter School. But today, on "Good Morning America" we heard a more detailed account on the beating, in her own words, and about the student she hit.

Davis gave her version of what happened that day.

"The day starts off with utter chaos -- there's a fight that I am having to deal with, just minutes before the video with a 16-year-old boy," she said.

Davis says after dealing with that fight between a 16-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl in a hallway, with adrenaline rushing, her attention turned to a special needs girl in a classroom.

"This young lady was in the middle of the floor. The door was locked shut and the kids were there kind of mimicking her," said Davis. "Isaiah was bouncing around in a threatening, bullying position."

Davis admits it enraged her, but says her response was the product of a hostile environment where teachers and kids aren't safe.

"There should be a system where these kids can be protected," said Davis.

"But this child needs to be protected from you right now," asked GMA anchor George Stephanopoulos.

"At this time, someone should have stepped in," she replied. "Someone should have stepped in because I had lost my emotion."

The school responded to Davis' comments saying, "She can't use the school as an excuse for what she did."

The school admits these kids do come from troubled backgrounds, something Davis alleged in detail about Isaiah Reagins.

"This young man has assaulted teachers," she said. "He's assaulted kids. He has been consistently addressed with administration concerning his behavior."

Eyewitness News spoke with Isaiah's mother over the phone. She says he has not assaulted any teachers, and she can only think of minor altercations he might have had with students at the school. Their family's attorney says they'll be requesting Isaiah's records because if he has been in serious trouble, it's possible the school wasn't properly notifying the family.

The sheriff's office will decide if charges will be filed against Davis.

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