Police bust bachelors in limo over fight, theft

HOUSTON Around 1:15am Friday morning, Houston police were called to Treasures on Westheimer about a fight. Three men were arrested. Soon after, a white limousine pulled up with a bachelor party group inside. It turns out that police had been looking for the limo from another nightclub incident. The group of guys reportedly hired three call girls for the night, and were kicked out of the other nightclub. One of the guys allegedly took one of the girl's purses, and she claimed she was punched.

An HPD officer happened to see the altercation at the other nightclub, tried to stop the limo, but he couldn't get across the street quick enough before the limo was gone. After the girls caught up to the limo at Treasures, HPD arrested one male for theft in stealing the girl's purse.

Police said they were not going to take the assault charges. The females also claimed they did not get paid.

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