Mom accused in baby's death appears in court

HOUSTON The court proceeding took about five minutes or less after Modarresi, 28, was led into the courtroom. She was handcuffed and didn't make any eye contact with anyone upon entering the courtroom.

Last Wednesday, the young mother told police someone abducted her two-month-old baby in a park, but hours later she led authorities to his body. Masih Golabbakhsh was partially buried in a shallow pool of water.

Prosecutors read the probable cause statement. The judge found cause to move forward with this case. He read Modarresi her rights and she was taken back into custody without bail.

On the way out of the courtroom, Modarresi did look at her family members who were seated in the front row. Her husband was there, along with her in-laws. Her brother was in the courtroom as well, having just flown in from the east coast. He waved at his sister as she was escorted out.

Modarresi is a Muslim, but she walked into court without her headscarf. Her attorney, George Parnham, said there may be concerns that Modarresi could use the cloth to harm herself. But for religious purposes, he will look into the policy.

"I intend to go to the top today and try to address that issue," Parnham said. "Obviously, every time she comes to court and is in public, it is important that her head be covered."

Modarresi is being held in a psychiatric unit in the Harris County Jail. She is in protective custody, in solitary confinement.

Her attorney has been reiterating what he told Eyewitness News over the weekend, that Modarresi is severely depressed. Parnham said there's no doubt in his mind that she has been in a zombie like mode for the last two months, according to family members.

Parnham added that reality is beginning to set in for Modarresi after her two-month-old baby boy was laid to rest on Sunday.

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