High tech thieves hit high tech store

HOUSTON The thieves have targeted at least three Best Buy stores in the Houston area, and the pattern is similar to other burglaries across the country.

In a span of about two weeks, Houston area Best Buy stores have been under attack from a gang of high tech thieves. Since going through the front door would trip an alarm, their point of entrance is the roof where they cut a hole and drop down inside.

Since February 28, three stores have been hit. In at least two of the robberies, holes were cut in the roof. Once inside, thieves go straight for cell phones, laptops and video games.

A security expert says it's likely a well-organized crime ring.

"You've got the spotter possibly watching for police or whoever could come along, and you've got a couple people inside, grabbing merchandise and handing it outside," said Rob Kimmons of Kimmons Security Services.

A reason for the rooftop rendezvous is avoiding the alarm system. Kimmons says surprisingly many big box companies opt for less sophisticated alarm systems.

"They may just alarm the doors and windows and they don't have any detection inside, so they'll come in through the roof. If they have a very simple alarm that doesn't detect motion inside, they can spend hours in the store," said Kimmons.

Some Best Buy patrons just hearing about the crime said it smells like an inside job.

"They have to have had somebody who worked there or they worked there because how do you know where to go in and what to do to keep from tripping off the alarms," said Destiny Woods.

As the Houston Police Department investigates, we learned this has happened to other Best Buys around the country including Tulsa, Oklahoma, and New Jersey.

We reached out to Best Buy, but they said they have no comment while there's an ongoing investigation.

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