Doc pleads guilty to indecent exposure

HOUSTON The patient claimed she had been sexually assaulted by her doctor. He admitted to exposing himself to her as she was about to be given a shot. Now, more than three years later the case has finally been resolved.

Today before a misdemeanor court judge, Heriberto Sedeno was ordered to give up his medical license, register as a sex offender and was put on probation for 18 months.

In 2006, a then 55-year-old woman went to Sedeno for a vitamin shot at his west Houston practice. Instead she says he tried to force sexual contact. She refused and left but DNA evidence from her skirt was matched to Sedeno.

"I am looking around like this, and he didn't have pants. He didn't have underwear -- nothing," she told Eyewitness News in 2006.

Sedeno was charged with felony sexual assault. Today, that was reduced to misdemeanor exposure in a plea agreement.

"Prosecutors took a long and hard look at their case and decided to make a decision," said defense attorney Emily Munoz. "The evidence was just not there and they proceeded to refile their case as a misdemeanor, which is what it should have originally been charged with in the first place."

The former patient was at the sentencing. Her son, who also asked not to be identified, read from her impact statement she delivered to Sedeno.

"You are not to be trusted," he said. "You are not a doctor. You're a predator. Dr. Sedeno, when you leave the courthouse today, the pain you caused me will not end."

Sedeno apologized to the patient and her family who have filed a million dollar lawsuit against him. Sedeno's attorney says he left his medical practice shortly after the incident occurred. He must also perform community service work and stay away from sexually oriented businesses as terms of his probation.

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