Secrets to free texting and free phone calls

February 16, 2010 4:07:27 PM PST
Free texting, free phone calls and free access to television's hottest show. Meet a man willing to share his secrets in today's Stretch Your Dollar. While most of us are busy from nine to five, Stephen Bouis spends his time looking for ways to save money. He uses out of the box thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit to save his family thousands of dollars. On a typical morning you can find Bouis at a local Starbucks. Even though he is wirelessly connected, he is wired and well-caffeinated. Bouis is a jack of all trades.

"I teach guitar, tennis and drums," he said.

His passion is teaching tennis but he's also writes loans and that's why his personalized license plate reads "Dr. Debt."

"A cop stopped me at Academy and asked me about it. I refinanced his house and paid for half that car," Bouis recalled.

Because of his flexible schedule, Bouis spends hours on the Internet buying and selling items on Craig's list for a profit. He also uses technology to save hundreds of dollars on his cell phone and eliminate his cable service all together.

For example, Bouis uses his Mac iTouch to save big. Like the iPhone, you can download various applications on the iTouch. With a couple of applications, Bouis has turned his iTouch into a phone and no contract is required!

"It's actually a free thing that Apple gives you," Bouis said. "It's called Fring and you attach your number to Fring and they do it all for you."

Bouis says you'll have to get a head phone set and speaker to plug in. If you don't have an iTouch, no problem! Bouis says if you have a computer and the Internet you can download free software to turn your computer into a phone. When it comes to texting, Bouis found applications that allow his iTouch to send and receive free text messages.

Bouis has also eliminated his cable service. He now watches his favorite show by hooking up his TV to the Internet, allowing his family to watch the same shows that are on cable or satellite. That makes his son happy.

"They have every cartoon that is on the channel on the Internet Channel," Bouis said.

Bouis says he's able to save a lot of money because he's always asking questions.

"That's what you pay for in life, what you don't know," he said.

Keep in mind you have to have a wireless Internet connection to use your iTouch as a phone.
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