Woman shot during carjacking attempt at mall

February 4, 2010 4:08:41 PM PST
Security officers at The Woodlands Mall were quick to react when they heard a gunshot in the parking lot right outside the JC Penney. That's where they found a woman who had been shot in the leg. The woman from Spring was brought to Memorial Hermann Hospital in The Woodlands in good condition. She has a wound to her upper leg from a gunshot. As she recovers, the suspect is in custody in Montgomery County and from what we're told, he's not being very cooperative.

The suspect was arrested quickly despite his attempt to run from the mall and hide.

"The suspect was found around 200 yards from here in a northeasterly direction laying in some high weeds near Interstate 45 and the overpass," said Lt. Dan Norris of the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

He would not give authorities his name at first, but they later identified him as Duvan Johnson, 20. Deputies say he was the one who unsuccessfully attempted to carjack a 23-year-old woman outside of the JC Penney at The Woodlands Mall. She arrived at the mall around 10:45am Thursday morning when they say Johnson approached her as she was getting out of her car. Deputies say he grabbed for her purse and keys.

"She did struggle with him and at some point in the struggle she was shot in the leg," Lt. Norris said.

Within a minute, a deputy was on scene and the woman was transported to the hospital. While deputies continued to look for the weapon, mall goers expressed their concerns about a place not usually connected with violent crime.

"This little sleepy hamlet is not the little sleepy hamlet that we imagine it to be," said Kay Dadonna.

Another shopper, Lyda Jimenez, said, "I come here all the time. I have a four-year-old and I stay until it's dark. I come at all hours. I just don't think twice about having to look over my shoulder or anything like that. It just really shocked me."

Management at The Woodlands Mall told us that customer safety is of the utmost importance. They have security cameras in the parking lot as well as security officers in cars, on foot and a mounted patrol, and the cameras helped deputies as they apprehended the suspect.

Johnson is charged in Montgomery County with aggravated robbery and aggravated assault. A bond has not been set. Johnson does have a criminal history. He was convicted in Harris County of interfering with an emergency telephone call in 2008, and evading detention. Both were misdemeanors.