Houston plans simplified recycling program

January 28, 2010 4:11:21 PM PST
More people in Houston will soon have the chance to recycle. City officials are hoping big trash bins will encourage more people to recycle. You can throw paper, plastic, soda cans and glass into the same container. Right now, you can't put glass in the curbside containers.

City council has approved the purchase of 58,000 of the 96 gallon containers with wheels. The bins are expected to be ready for delivery in several neighborhoods by April 5. Leaders can't yet say when the new program could be expanded to the rest of the city.

About $2.8 million in federal stimulus dollars paid for the new bins. The rest of the expanded program costs about $28 million. The city is expecting to pay those costs with money raised by selling recycled materials, and savings from reduced landfill space.