KKK letters disturb Seabrook residents

January 21, 2010 5:06:24 AM PST
It is the talk of the town in Seabrook and some say it's for all the wrong reasons. The Ku Klux Klan is spreading its message of hate and residents are upset about it. At the Seabrook Asian Arts and Health Center, they teach diversity and acceptance.

"We've got students who are Asian, black, Hispanic and, of course, white," said master instructor Chris Scott.

He even writes that philosophy on the wall.

"It was in a clear plastic bag with a rock thrown from a truck," said Gordon Marsh who received the letter. "It's disturbing."

Scott was alarmed when student Gordon Marsh showed him a letter found in his driveway.

"It's hate literature. It's ignorant and bigoted," said Marsh.

He wasn't the only person who received this KKK recruitment letter. Seabrook police say Sunday they received at least 20 complaints from residents. Police believe that's just a portion of the total letters. The distributors even dropped an envelope containing the letter to a supervisor at the police department who did not see the actual contents until the end of his shift.

Yolanda Smith with the NAACP's Houston branch says while it does not appear a crime was committed, she states, "We are very disappointed to have individuals with divisive attitudes and who practice racial hatred."

Smith hopes Seabrook police will monitor the activity.

Back at the Asian Arts and Health Center.

"We agree with it. It's very closed-minded," said Scott.

They will keep teaching and living equality and respect.

"I don't think anyone in my neighborhood is interested in something like that and they don't need to come back," said Marsh.

Seabrook police say they do not have any reports of actual threats accompanying the letters and say at this point it may be difficult to charge anyone with a crime.

There's not a good description of who's leaving these letters, or the vehicle he or she is driving. We're told only it's a small, white pickup truck.