Fire strikes Babin's restaurant in Kemah

January 15, 2010 9:33:34 PM PST
There was a scare Friday night for diners and employees at a popular Kemah Boardwalk restaurant. They had to evacuate ahead of a three-alarm fire at Babin's. No one was injured in the blaze and many people are relieved everything turned out OK.

Michelle and Gary Cash got married at Babin's two years ago and this was supposed to be their date night, but when they drove up they found fire trucks and 40 evacuated patrons outside the restaurant.

"It's kind of sad. If the church you got married in burned down, you'd be like it's a downer," said Michelle.

Because the building had multiple stories and was in the busy Kemah Boardwalk area, three alarms were pulled.

Despite the high winds at times, the fire was fortunately contained and the flames were quickly put out in about an hour.

"It's difficult because of the wind and also the access. This is a multi-story building that's been added onto so there's a lot of crawl spaces and so forth in there that made it a little more difficult to get to the fire," said Chief Larry Suniga of the Kemah Fire Department.

As for how bad the damage to the restaurant was, firefighters told us they'll have to wait until the morning to find out.

Landry's restaurants, Inc. issued a statement saying all guests and employees were safely evacuated and all of the other Kemah Boardwalk businesses are open for business as usual. The statement also said the cause of the fire is under investigation.