Woman's eviction on hold

HOUSTON The Houston Housing Authority says it wants to be sensitive to the needs of this elderly woman, so while it reviews her case, they says she can remain in her home for now.

We first introduced you to 71-year-old Pearlie Andrews on Saturday. She's being evicted over the actions of her adult son, who doesn't even live with her.

Andrews has lived at Irvington Village in northeast Houston for 30 years, and although she has six children and 15 grandchildren, around here "Miss Pearl" is everyone's grandmother.

Neighbor Wessie Seyres said, "She's been a great neighbor and just such a lovely, even-tempered wonderful little bit of light around this place."

"She's a nice person," added neighbor Kim Jackson. "She always tries to help everybody out."

As Eyewitness News reported over the weekend, Andrews was told to vacate the property by October 10. Her son was on a restricted access list, and was allegedly caught in the complex with drugs. That put her in violation of HUD rules.

"It would be pretty hard to go out and look for a house when you don't have the money to pay for it," Andrews said.

So the Houston Housing Authority agreed to review her case. Today there is new hope for Andrews. Hr eviction is on hold.

"We have notified constable's office not to take any action on eviction," explained Houston Housing Authority Spokesperson Susie McMichael. "For now, she's OK until a final decision is made."

Andrews has diabetes and high blood pressure. She's on Social Security. After rent and groceries, her medicine is about all she can afford, so today's news is an answer to her prayers.

"I have prayed to the Lord that he would let me have this apartment," she said, choking back tears.

The Houston Housing Authority did not give a hard deadline for the review of this case, but they say they will keep us posted.

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