Voodoo dolls found at gravesite

HOUSTON Among the items found at their father's gravesite at the Evergreen Cemetery in east Houston were voodoo dolls with pins stuck inside them.

Pilar Martinez, Jr. still doesn't know exactly what happened at his father's grave. What he does know, though, is what was left behind was pretty frightening.

"We researched it and the stuff we found out it is evil," he said. "The stuff they're doing is evil."

Martinez took photos of what he says he found buried beneath the soil at the base of his father's headstone. There were 22 jars containing disturbing items. The items included things like voodoo dolls pierced with pins, apparent animal remains, photographs of unknown women and even women's underwear.

"It really isn't out of the ordinary for our culture," said Rosario Ramos, who helps run a local Yerberia.

She believes the items are part of some sort of mystic ceremony, something along the lines of Santeria or even voodoo.

She says while the images may be scary, she's not sure if they were meant for harm.

"It can go both ways," said Rosario. "It could be something for love or something to separate."

Regardless of the items' meaning, Martinez says he's still upset. Thirteen years after his father died, he says this has only reopened old wounds.

"The last thing we say, 'May God be with you and bless your soul' and he was supposed to be up there and knowing someone is still messing him, he's not resting in peace," said Martinez. "It's just not right."

Martinez believes that other grave sites have been targeted as well.

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