Woman found dead in home

HOUSTON Investigators are still looking into the death of Gayla Glenn, 33. Her body was found in her bedroom Wednesday afternoon by her boyfriend around 2:30pm. Police say initially it appeared as if she was killed by a single gunshot.

Inside this northwest Harris County home is a real mystery. What deputies know is that Paul Butera, 41, called 911 to say he arrived at his home on Poplar Grove at Falling Creek to find his longtime girlfriend dead in the master bedroom.

"The police pulled up and all the activity started and they brought him outside, put him in the back seat, put bags over his hands," said a neighbor.

There was no sign of forced entry. It appears the victim did not struggle, but investigators say the scene is a confusing one.

"There's a lot of things in there that doesn't make sense to us that we gotta work through," said Sgt. Larry Davis of Harris County Sherriff's Office Homicide.

Deputies say they have been called to this address before, but would not reveal why, except to say the calls did not involve violence.

Investigators are interviewing Butera, but caution he currently is not a suspect and to this point they do not think he was involved in the death.

The couple had a 7-year-old son who has been at his grandmother's. Neighbors say the couple did not live at the home for very long.

"The thing that gets me is that you all think you're in a secure neighborhood and that you know your new neighbors, but I guess you never know," said the neighbor.

As for whether or not those neighbors should be worried about what may have happened here, deputies are reassuring them.

"For 27 years, there have been very few daylight break-ins that I've ever worked. I think the neighborhood is safe," said Sgt. Davis.

After several hours of questioning, deputies returned Butera to his home. We can tell you that after searching court records that both Butera and Glenn had criminal records.

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