HPD cadet sets pushup record

HOUSTON Cadet Ana Andino broke the HPD Academy's record for pushups by a female when she did 405 during a recent physical agility test. Cadet Andino beat the previous record by five, which was a mark set back in May of 2008.

If the feat of 405 pushups wasn't impressive enough, consider this. When Cadet Andino entered the academy six months ago, she was barely able to perform 25! And the first time she ever did a single pushup was in her recruiter's office several months before she was accepted into the academy.

"My recruiter said I was going to have to work on pushups if I wanted to be able to get through the academy. I started working on them but when I got to the academy and didn't see any female Hispanic record holders on the wall, I said I was going to beat the record," said Cadet Andino. "I wanted to be a Hispanic role model for the other cadets."

Previous female record holders include a former Marine and former body builder, both with extensive athletic experience. Cadet Andino had no previous athletic experience, just determination to see her goal through to the end.

Cadet Andino, a single mother, says she practiced pushups day and night.

"I would watch TV in the pushup position and my children would count my pushups for me," she said. "My children are what kept me motivated and they encouraged me to not give up."

She'll graduate the police academy on July 29.

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