Accused killer comes face to face with son

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Robert Fratta's eyes never looked elsewhere. He looked directly at his son Bradley Baquer as the young man walked to the witness stand. Baquer did just the opposite, he never looked at his father. Bradley Baquer,22, was only 7-years-old when his mother, Farah Fratta, was murdered. On that day in 1994, Bradley, his younger brother and sister were with their father.

"How much independent recollection do you have," asked prosecutor Mia Magness.

"Brief moments," answered Bradley Baquer. "Pictures in my head."

Robert Fratta drove the children to their mother's house after she was murdered. Bradley Baquer told the jury what he remembers seeing.

"I saw yellow tape everywhere," he described. "I had no idea what was going on, I was confused."

Robert Fratta was in divorce proceedings with his wife in 1994, and on the day of her murder, had visitation with their children. Bradely Baquer remembered one important detail, telling prosecutors that Robert Fratta received and made several phone calls that night.

"He told us to wait in the car while he made a phone call," testified Bradley Bauqer.

Prosecutors say there was one last phone call before Fratta drove to Farah Fratta's house to deliver the children. They say it was after she'd been fatally shot and after Harris County Sheriff's Deputies arrived.

Jean Johnson testified Fratta took his three children to church for a religious class that day. She added during the class that Fratta became disruptive as his pager went off several times. Johnson said each time Fratta walked out of class to return the call.

Fratta owned a 38 special he bought in 1982. He registered it with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms. Prosecutors did not say it was the same gun used in the murder, but did call several witnesses to testify the murder weapon is the same type of revolver.

Prosecutors were not able to rest their case Tuesday. They still have three more witnesses to present. They believe it is still possible to have final arguments on Thursday at 9:30am.

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