Some remodeling over travelling

March 17, 2009 4:38:16 PM PDT
If you're not going anywhere for spring break, it may be worth it to take a reno-vacation.We are talking about renovating your home - in lieu of taking a vacation.

With new home construction drying up here in Houston, there are a lot of contractors out there looking for work. So that means now more than ever it's worth it to negotiate a better deal on a home remodel.

We found a Baytown home getting a complete renovation complete with new drywall, new cabinets and a brand new kitchen.

"Estimated for all the work that needs to be done here it's roughly about $9,000," said general contractor Joe Clark.

Clark says that's a great price. During these tough times, he's says he's beating most of his competitors' bids by $500 to a $1,000. At one home, he beat several bids by $2,000.

"There are so many contractors here now, that they are willing to negotiate with you," Thomson said. "It makes it easier to get a better deal."

Contractor Russell Thompson says it's easy to negotiate a better price but there are four key points to follow.

First, while it may seem obvious, get several bids on a job.

"Get three or four people to take a look," Thompson said.

He says that will give you bargaining power.

Second, purchase your own materials. This will reduce the contractor's price by as much as 35%.

"Go pay for them, have them delivered to your house, that way they don't have to do that," Thompson advised.

Third, just like buying in bulk, if you have several remodeling jobs, hire one contractor to do all the work.

"The bigger the job, usually the less they will do different things for if they get all the work," Thompson advised.

And finally, to save a day's worth of labor, do the demolitions work your self.

"Anyone can tear stuff apart," Thompson told us. "Go in and take out all your drywall or insulation."

So whether it's a big job or small repair, the ball is in your court to bargain.

"Right now there are so many contractors who are looking for work, because they came in from out of state, plus all the local people, they want to stay here in and keep busy," Thompson said.

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