We still need more rain

February 15, 2009 3:08:34 PM PST
We've seen some rain the last couple of days, but it isn't quenching all the plants and vegetation strained by drought conditions. Burn bans cover Texas
Chief Meteorologist Tim Heller discusses the drought on his weather blog

It's really dry out there, and even with the showers, experts say we need more.

It might have been enough rain for the birds, but for people with lawns, this weekend's damp weather was more like an appetizer.

Wanda Brant's yard is still waiting for the main course.

"It's been extremely dry, if you don't want to lose your landscaping you're going to have to water," she told us.

One place with plenty of green is Joshua Kornegay's plant store. He says the best way for homeowners to weather the weather is to raise plants that are native to Texas.

"Educate yourself on what is grown locally, is native locally, what thrives here on drought and flood that we get," Kornegay said.

There are plenty of dry spots and since no one knows when the precipitation will catch up, officials are very concerned about the potential for fire.

"These slow drenching rains are good for us, but until the plants have the time to absorb this and get it back into their systems, we're still not out of the danger yet," said District Chief Tommy Dowdy of the Houston Fire Department.

HFD is urging extreme caution if you burn anything outdoors even after this weekend.

"That's the thing, we'll get a little rain and I'll wonder why are they still putting out the burn warnings and that's because the other areas haven't gotten any," Brant said.

Though for Brant and most homeowners, the hope for rain is mainly caused by a desire for a thriving yard.

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