FBI involved in player's face-stomping incident

January 29, 2009 4:29:01 PM PST
You've probably seen the video by now. A University of Houston basketball player stepping on the face of an opponent. The incident last weekend now has the FBI involved. The FBI has a policy that it will neither confirm nor deny investigations, but the university has admitted there has been an FBI presence at the school. It's hard to believe it's the result of one incident in a college basketball game.

"It's a lesson in life, right or wrong, fair or unfair," said University of Houston basketball coach Tom Penders.

Saturday night in Arizona, Houston Cougars guard Aubrey Coleman was called for a foul as he ran into Arizona's Chase Budinger. Then Coleman stepped on Budinger's face and shoulder. Coleman said he was trying to step over Budinger and it was all an accident. He apologized the next day.

"I'm really sorry about what happened to him and his family. I wish it wouldn't have happened," said Coleman.

Everyone who knows Coleman says he's a great kid, but apparently there are people out there who felt his apology was not enough.

Coleman was suspended for Wednesday night's game against UTEP, but that came from Conference USA officials because he was ejected from Saturday night's game for what game officials considered a flagrant foul.

Apparently that was not enough for some people either because Coleman said he has been receiving racially charged emails and phone calls. That brought in the FBI.

"I'm not allowed to comment any further on it and what was said, was said," said Coach Penders.

Likewise Coleman is not talking and is trying his best to move on from a very tough life lesson.

"He's a very strong, religious young man and he's good people," said Coach Penders.

Coleman is trying to get past the event and focus on the Cougars' next game on Saturday against Memphis.

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