Family escapes attempted carjacking

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It involved a chase in the middle of the night and gunfire.

The Chambers County woman says she didn't think she would live through the carjacking attempt and calls what happened to her family an early morning of terror.

It's been three days and this victim we'll call Mary is still incredibly shaken.

"How someone could be so brutal that they don't care about you or your family," Mary said.

The mother says her husband was behind the wheel as they returned from picking up her mother-in-law at the airport. She says two vehicles seemed to be playing a dangerous game as they came off Beltway 8 onto 90 towards Crosby, then the vehicles simultaneously stopped.

"My husband cut his wheel to the right," she recalled.

Mary sketched out what happened next as two cars boxed them in and several gunmen jumped out.

"My husband and I grabbed each other's hand because we thought we were going to die together," Mary recalled.

But somehow Mary says her husband was able to throw the car in reverse and find a way out.

"That's about when my husband said that Jesus took the wheel because in that situation they were almost to our car," she told us.

She claims as she called 911 the suspects fired at them grazing the car and coming within inches of her mother in laws head.

"We were dead except by the grace of God, there's no other explanation," she said.

Investigators with the Harris County Sheriff's Office believe this may not be an isolated incident. Deputies say another couple was successfully carjacked within the same hour.

While Mary is thankful they survived, she prays for drivers on the same stretch of road.

"I know how they ambushed us and I know somebody else may not get away," she worried.

Investigators called by incidents very concerning and something they must act quickly on. Deputies are urging drivers to be aware, especially when driving in remote areas.

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