Robber hits bank in broad daylight

HOUSTON The robbery happened around 1pm at the First Convenience Bank inside a Kroger on Spring Cypress near I-45 and then made a run for it. An FBI spokesperson says a man believed to be armed robbed the bank, left the store and attempted to drive off in a minivan but it wouldn't start.

A witness told detectives he saw the suspect go to an adjacent McDonald's, approach a man walking out of the store and perhaps forced his way into a white SUV, possibly a Suburban.

If that is correct, no one has called in to report a stolen vehicle. Authorities say the owner might have been forced inside the vehicle as well. The witness also said there may have been a child.

However, the FBI now says the possibility exists that the suspect may have gone to the McDonald's and approached the man, told him his car was broken down and asked him to give him a ride. The driver may have been giving him a ride, unsuspectingly to a suspected bank robber.

The FBI is now asking for anyone who was driving a white SUV with paper plates if they picked someone up near a McDonald's on Spring Cypress to give authorities a call because perhaps from that, they can glean some more information.

Prints were taken from the minivan and there is surveillance video inside the store. Details in this case are still very sketchy at this point.

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