Fifteen students involved in fights

February 27, 2008 3:43:12 PM PST
Several students were involved in a fight at a local high school, resulting in one student being taken to a hospital.The fights happened at Marshall High School in Fort Bend ISD. Around 11:30am, about 15 students were involved in three separate fights in the commons area of the school during lunchtime, according to school officials.

Campus administrators broke up the fights and several students with slight injuries were sent to the school nurse. At around 12:30pm, a parent of one of the students in the clinic asked that her son be transported to a local hospital because he complained that his back was hurting.

Additional police were called to the school after the incidents to help get students back into their classrooms. Campus administrators and the Fort Bend ISD Police are investigating the incidents and interviewing all of the students involved, and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken upon completion of the investigations.

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