Great places to work in Houston

February 20, 2008 12:33:40 PM PST
In a time where many companies are scaling back, some here in Houston are doing just the opposite. They're putting their employees first.We found some of the most educational, beautiful, and down-right inspirational jobs in the city of Houston. First, to Clear Lake where Boeing Space Exploration invests in employees for the long run. Last year alone, the company paid for $2.5 million worth of higher education. Add to that. onsite workout facilities and a walking trail.

Boeing manager Rebecca Frazier said, "I love that they've put in place these programs and initiatives that help me balance my family and work life, and also they do a proactive approach to helping with my health."

And how about its "virtual office" giving 16,000 of its employees the opportunity to work from home? Using technology as a virtual office, web manager Brian Hanby says he enjoys his 30 second commutes without worrying about traffic or dry-cleaning.

Hanby explained, "A lot of that stress, the background stress people have, I don't have much of that anymore."

Like a jewel in the heart of the city, you'll find one of the city's most serene, healthiest places to work.

"It takes your breath away," said Aniceto Arrieta, an employee at The Houstonian. "It's just a beautiful place to work."

Set on 18 wooded acres, employees of The Houstonian hotel and health club have full access to wellness programs, paid birthdays off, and...

"On their anniversary, they get a complimentary room night, to be able to stay at the hotel," Arrieta explained.

But no doubt the biggest perk is full use of the work-out facilities and running trails. Members pay $24,000 a year. Add to that meals for a buck at a diner set aside strictly for employees.

Arrieta said, "It's a great place to work!"

From Fortune 500 companies to a small family owned business -- for employees at the Taste of Texas restaurant, coming to work is a lot like coming home.

"They're excellent young people, we do love them," said Taste of Texas owner Nina Hendee. "They are our family."

In their 10,000 employees over the past 30 years, owners Edd and Nina Hendee have instilled an interesting philosophy -- "You're out of here!"

Nina explained, "We see it as a stepping stone in their lives toward a 'Real Job' -- we call it an RJ. They have to leave here and get a real job, and onto success. So we've been blessed with excellent young people, and we invest in their lives."

That means providing everything from free English classes to family and credit counselors. Getting a college education is mandatory for young employees, and managers have to work around class schedules.

David Sanchez started as a dishwasher. The Hendees just awarded him an $8,000 scholarship.

"They're pretty much like parents to us," Sanchez said. "They want us to go to school. They want us to do better every single day."

Chef Lisa Hendee explained, "The family business just has an incredible impact on the community here for generations, really."

And the Hendee's don't just talk the talk. At the early morning fitness boot camps, Nina's a fixture. A fitness regime, career counseling and a whole new family give these Houston employees something to smile about!

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