Fire destroys several apartment units

February 15, 2008 10:52:26 AM PST
Four families are displaced after an early morning apartment fire in southwest Houston.It happened at an apartment complex on W. Airport near Hiram Clarke. Six of the eight apartments sustained some type of damage. The most severe damaged were the upper two units.

"When we came out, we had to run because the flames were dropping. They were falling from the sky," said resident Liz Williams

"I looked out the window and just saw flames and I just ran," said fire victim Reesce Young.

It was just after 5am when fire swept through this apartment building on the city's southwest side.

Young says a neighbor woke her up.

"I heard something knocking and heard this noise and just grabbed my baby and ran out the house," she said.

Everyone made it out safely but the fire was starting to threaten other unit.

To make matters worse the first hydrant fire crews hooked up to didn't work because the hydrant was shut off due to road construction in the area.

"It can happen. It doesn't happen all the time. But it does happen," said Chief Pangarakis with the Houston Fire Department.

Crews connected to another nearby hydrant but the fire had already destroyed two units and cause heavy damage to Young's apartment, an apartment she just moved into about two months ago.

The official cause of the fire has not been release but investigators are leaning towards it being electrical.

Residents will be placed in other units here. No one was injured.

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