Stratford's good Luck charm

January 31, 2008 6:40:03 PM PST
We know what Stratford quarterback Andrew Luck can do on the football field, his play earning him a scholarship to Stanford for next season.Being the No. 1 in his class academically didn't hurt. But how about Luck on the hardwood, from pinpoint passer to the bruising blockout?

"It's such a different shape. In football, I think, you prepare more for a physical toll on your body and an emotional toll, whereas in basketball, it's running consistantly," Luck said.

Well, football is a contact sport. But when you play inside, like Luck does at forward, so is basketball. Andrew's 6-foot-5, 205-pound frame is perfect for the paint.

"He's averaging just over eight rebounds a game, and he's probably averaging just under 10 points a game. And the thing about it is, if there's a big need for a rebound to be gotten, its going to come from him," Stratford coach Mitch Hornsby said.

"He's real physcial, very physical. You wouldn't think he was a quarterack if knew him," teammate Antoine Hicks said.

When asked about his rebounding ability, Luck jokingly replied, "That's all I'm good for, so ..."

Since Luck and three other football players have joined the basketball team, the Spartans have made a surge to second in the district standings. How about defensive end Terrance Lloyd with the block of luck in practice?

"Those four guys coming in made us extremely deep. And we're playing nine or 10 guys consistently and it's made a big difference in our team," Hornsby said. "And a lot more size, a little bit of toughness, too, from that football side."

Well, Luck's a pretty good duel sport athlete here at Stratford, which begs the question: Any thoughts of playing both at Stanford?

"He probably could, to be honest with you," teammate Blake Kelting said.

"I'm not nearly good enough to play college basketball," Luck said.

Tell that to the Spartans' opponents.

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