Plotting the Houston Marathon route

January 11, 2008 1:59:33 PM PST
One step at a time.Thousands of runners will be making their way to the finish line at the Chevron Houston Marathon on Sunday.

Live coverage starts at 7am on ABC13 and Following the marathon, ABC13 will present "The Finish Line" postrace show Sunday night at 10:35pm.

"The 26.2-mile moving party, if you will," runner Christopher Rampacek said. He will take on the task -- twice.

"Saturday night, starting around 10 o'clock, I'm going to go out and I'm going to run the course in reverse. So I'll get a 26.2-mile race finishing just before the start of the marathon so I can get a 52-mile day," he said.

Sunday is Rampacek's birthday and what better day, he says, to run what he calls the "Houston double." Also:

"I'm training for a 207-mile run across Texas in March. And three, I'm celebrating a brand new hip replacement revision," Rampacek said.

He's been running marathons for years. Just like fellow participant Robert Alexander, who has a more mundane, if you can call it that, reason for running.

"It's gonna be true about what they say about the runner's high. There's chemicals going on there that just, you can just get out on a training run and forget about where you are," Alexander said.

Both men are in their 50s, but you wouldn't know it by the way they train.

"My goal is to outlive my competitors. So I'll be out on this marathon course until I'm a centenarian," Rampacek said.

On-air coverage of the marathon will also be steamed live on starting at 7am Sunday. We'll also have live streaming video of both the marathon and half marathon finish lines.

"The Finish Line" postrace show will air Sunday night at 10:35 on ABC13.

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