HPD truck enforcement out in full force

January 10, 2008 11:11:05 AM PST
The Houston truck enforcement was out in full force this morning to help keep our roadways safe.Authorities are cracking down on commercial drivers who are out on Houston's roadways who are violating state and federal laws. Just this morning, they pulled over 25 to 30 drivers and they say within the first five to 10 minutes they had issued at least a dozen citations.

Eyewitness News talked to some drivers and they say that Texas has one of the toughest code enforcement policies in the country.

"It's a 57 item inspection that we do; we check everything from lights, tires, lug nuts. We check driver qualifications," said Bryon Vecera with the Houston Police Department.

"It's good that they do this for because I've been going on the streets and seeing (debris) in the road and I've seen people run over and going through people's windshields," said truck driver Johnnie Peterson.

Some truck drivers that were pulled over couldn't leave because they had so many violations. One driver didn't have the right license to drive a big rig and another didn't have the proper insurance.

Authorities say they do this to keep our roadways safer.

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