Commit to get fit

January 9, 2008 6:17:15 PM PST
It's a new year, and you have decided that now is the time to get in shape. Congratulations on making this healthy lifestyle decision! To help you get that new exercise program off on the right foot, the YMCA offers the following tips: 1. Be Specific. Detailed goals are easier to stick with than vague resolutions like "I will exercise more." Instead resolve to "go for a walk on Wednesday, and take an exercise class on Monday and Friday."

2. Find a Workout Partner. Enlist the help of someone who has a routine already established and let them know they are going to be your exercise guru for the next six months. Most exercise enthusiasts will jump at the opportunity to help a beginning exerciser get started on a regular routine, and you'll find it easier to work out when you have company.

3. Be Realistic. You can't get in shape in one day or week, so don't try to do too much too soon. Be sure your action plan fits realistically into your lifestyle and make changes as easy and convenient as possible.

4. Variety the Routine. Use the treadmill one day then work out with weights the next. Try a group cycling or yoga class; the opportunities are many. Do those things that you enjoy, and chances are you will stick to the program.

5. Get Help. Consult with the YMCA health and fitness staff. They are trained and certified to help you develop a program that will accomplish your fitness goals.

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