Rally both for and against homeowner

(12/02/07 - KTRK/PASADENA,TX) Some say the shootings are justified, others claim it was murder. Police say Joe Horn, the homeowner, opened fire but has not been charged.

It was the second time activists demonstrated in the neighborhood where the shootings took place. The first event was relatively quiet, but today's rally became very heated.

Quannel X organized a demonstration against Horn with a dozen protestors, but hundreds of other counter protestors arrived to show support for the homeowner.

The group of counter protestors was made up of several hundred bikers. They say they were there to support the right to protect one's life and property.

"We are here today because we believe there is no right for anyone to become judge, jury and executioner," Quannel X said through a megaphone to a very loud crowd shouting back at him.

When the demonstration ended, people on both sides left the neighborhood without incident. Pasadena police say they could take the homeowner's case to the grand jury in the next week or so.

Horn was on the phone with a 911 operator at the time of the shooting. Miguel DeJesus and Diego Ortiz were killed. Horn's lawyer says he's been depressed since the shooting.

Just last week, another property owner shot and killed a suspected burglar on his land in porter. The owner, Gary Southworth, told us he only shot Rodney Shamlin because he thought Shamlin was coming at him with a gun. Montgomery County sheriff's deputies are investigating.

You now have a little more legal protection when it comes to protecting your property with the Castle Doctrine. Since September 1st, you are no longer required to retreat when someone is on your property before using deadly force. Also, you have the presumption of innocence if someone is breaking into your car, office or home. At this point, it's unclear if it applies to a neighbor's home.

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