Animals stolen from wildlife sanctuary

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Animals stolen from wildlife sanctuary (KTRK)

Someone stole dozens of exotic and expensive animals from a wildlife sanctuary in Florida.

Cindy Robert, a volunteer with the facility, said it started with several fake ads.

"They unscrewed this bolt off of the actual mechanism that holds the fence together, because they couldn't cut the lock I guess," Robert said. "And then they cut all of this out, and then they just pushed the fence out and then this was just left on the ground."

"Someone had posted on Craigslist that he was going out of business...come out and take them," Robert added

Several expensive exotic animals, from ring-tailed lemurs to marmosets, to cockatoos and tortoises are gone.

Even with their medicine, since many of the animals had recently moved here, the stress of being snatched could put them in even more danger.

Robert says Miami-Dade police are investigating, but she hopes to see the animals safely back at the sanctuary sooner rather than later.
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