Massive gator captured at Ft. Bend Co. golf course

RICHMOND, TX (KTRK) -- Golfers in Fort Bend Co. ran into a different kind of hazard Wednesday on the golf course-a 12 foot gator.

"We've always had them, but nothing like this size," says Lance Lopez with the River Pointe Golf Club.

He's a big guy. 12 feet long, and between 600 and 700 pounds.

"It's gotten to the point where it's gotten too comfortable. People getting too close, and we don't want anything bad to happen."

So they called in the Gator Squad.

"The report was golfers weren't being too nice to him, golfers were getting too close to him and he was too big and they were just uncomfortable with the whole situation," says Christy Kroboth.

You might remember Christy Kroboth from when she wrangled in another 12 footer at the First Colony Commons Shopping Center in Sugar Land. They named that 800-pounder Godzilla. They named this one Chubs.

"I was able to walk up to him, put a rope on him, he went into the death roll thing, tried to jump in the water, tried to take me for a little swim but all in all we were able to pull him out, pull him back on shore, calm him down."

They used a tractor to get him off the golf course and into the back of their truck. He only has one eye, so they can't release him back into the wild. Instead, they'll take him to a farm in El Campo where he'll join Godzilla and more of his scaly buddies.
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