Aide to homeless in need of dental implants after attack

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Friends of a man severely beaten by a homeless person he was helping, are now asking the public to help him.

Preston Witt, the chief services officer for Harmony House, a non-profit that works with the city's homeless population, was left with only a few teeth after a December attack.

After two reconstructive surgeries, he is now recovered from a broken jaw. His boss and Harmony House CEO wants to raise money to get him dental implants.

"His smile is everything and for him to not be able to be himself without his teeth is just heartbreaking for me. So, I really want him to have his smile back," said Meg Pohodich.

Pohodich set up a Go Fund me page:

Half the donors, so far, are strangers. Witt is humbled.

He is also not deterred or angry toward his accused attacker, Daniel Kahn, 32.

"I hope he gets the help he needs for his mental illness," said Witt.

Kahn remains in jail, charged with aggravated assault.

Witt, who has worked for Harmony House for 15 years, missed only two weeks of work and now would like to smile confidently again.

"I miss my smile," he said.

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