ABC13 launches 'We Belong' show, focused on diverse Houston communities

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Thursday, October 6, 2022
ABC13 'We Belong' series highlights diverse communities
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Join Eyewitness News reporter Miya Shay for her new program, "ABC13 We Belong," highlighting diverse communities in Houston and across southeast Texas.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- As Houston's news leader, ABC13 is dedicated to showcasing the beautiful, diverse, unique, and unexpected corners of this region we call home.

As such, ABC13 is proud to launch a new show focused on highlighting the communities we serve. "ABC13 We Belong" will be a regular, 30-minute community affairs show, viewable anywhere you stream Eyewitness News like Roku and Fire TV, and on

Produced by longtime reporter Miya Shay and ABC13 Community Engagement, the show will aim to feature various corners of Greater Houston that may not always get the spotlight.

The debut episode of "ABC13 We Belong" starts in the Gulfton neighborhood.

Dubbed the "Ellis Island" of Houston, Gulfton is often the first stop for new immigrants and refugees. The neighborhood is densely populated, thanks to the proliferation of affordable, working-class apartment complexes.

Living in Gulfton does have its challenges. The complex fabric of this vibrant community is what drew photojournalist Francisco Barragan and assignments manager Richard Guerra to tell its story. The sights and sounds they gathered are beautiful, nuanced, and truly captures the spirit of the people who call Gulfton home.

In the second segment, we head to Downtown Houston, where we chat with a young global ambassador, Amir Fehri. The 19-year-old has accomplished so much in his young life.

Originally from Tunisia, he is currently living in Paris and studying cardiology. In addition, Fehri has been named a youth ambassador in France, written a book, and visits with thought leaders around the world. He recently visited Houston, and shared his story with ABC13.

ABC13's Race & Culture reporter Rosie Nguyen headlines our third segment. Nguyen explores the history of the Vietnamese community in Houston, and how it came to be.

As a child of immigrants herself, Nguyen's own parents were reluctant to share their immigrant story. However, as Nguyen explored Houston's history of Vietnamese immigration, she was, in a way, learning about her own family. Nguyen's story is moving, personal, and elegantly told.

Finally, "ABC13 We Belong" heads to Bombay Brasserie, a longtime favorite for Indian food in Houston. The restaurant opened in the 1990's, but its history is rarely explored.

We spoke to the Seghal family, who first opened the restaurant after catering its own family members' parties. Once they realized they were making Indian food like nobody else was at the time, they opened a permanent restaurant.

Since then, the Seghal family has lived the American dream, but never forgotten about the community. It regularly gives back to Houston, which has allowed the family to thrive.

We hope you enjoy our first episode of "ABC13 We Belong." Perhaps it will encourage you to explore a corner of our community you have never visited before!

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You can watch "ABC13 We Belong" wherever you stream Eyewitness News on your TV, like Roku and Fire TV. Just search "ABC13 Houston."

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